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5 Dont's of Brochure Design

January 19, 2017

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5 Dont's of Brochure Design

January 19, 2017

Having great products or services is not quite enough to engage with your prospective audience. Getting your product known requires marketing tools. When used properly, a brochure goes long way in terms of exhibiting your products and services. 


Here are 5 points to avoid when designing your corporate brochure.

1. Don't Over-Crowd 

This is one of the most common mistakes made by designers and clients alike. Trying to jam as much information as possible will lead to readers feeling overwhelmed. Remember, you are trying to pitch to the masses, so simplifying the message is the way to go. 


Highlight the vital information and simplify everything else. Use info-graphics instead of lines and lines of words that would go unregistered after mere seconds. So, keep it simple.


2. Don't Use Too Many Fonts



Avoid Using Too Many Different Fonts. See How They Are All Fighting For Attention? 


This one is more difficult than it seems. Get your fonts right. Using the right font is important because fonts can misrepresent a a brand's character. For example, a corporate brochure for an architecture firm should use modern and professional fonts like Raleway and Georgia. Comic Sans simply wont work! 


Also, don't use more than 2 complementing fonts in your design, 3 tops. Anything more would just be too much. 


3. Headings, headings, headings - don't miss out on grabbing attention.


 Having a good heading can reduce the amount of content, so make it count. A heading should grab the reader's attention, engaging them to continue reading. Don't be boring. 


If you're selling a product that reduces the graying of hair, don't use a header that says "Reduce Graying Today". Instead, go with something along the lines of "Reverse the effects of ageing!". There are better examples out there but this is all a sleepy writer can muster at the moment, so bear with me.


To keep it short, GRAB THE READER'S ATTENTION with a good header!  


4. Don't be afraid of white space.



Do not fear white space, embrace it. Pockets of negative space brings balance to the composition of your design. It also brings definition to the areas that have content. The need to fill every corner of a space with content is evident especially among clients who assume that getting content to every tiny bit of space available is the best bang-for-buck. I beg to differ.


Don't let your readers suffocate with all that content White-space is breathing space for the mind. 


5. Don't compromise on image quality.


Images that aren't well defined may not seem too apparent on a computer screen, but when printed become quite jarring to view. Whether your brochure is depicting a service or a product, just ensure that the pictures used are of a high definition with good colour composition. Brochures using images with poor quality can reflect poorly on the company it represents.


Well there you go, a short 5-step guide to making your next print design project better! CLICK HERE to us a call or drop us an email for a FREE Consultation. 







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